That’s not me. That’s my brother. I’m behind the camera.



The law got me here.

I did my time. I paid my dues. And that’s why you and I are here today.

After undergrad, I took up a law internship at a local immigration law firm, and ended up being hired as the new Marketing Communications Officer.

My advertising life started at the end of my law career. Though, ironically, I’ve had to deal with lots of legal feedback over the years.

Five Fast Facts

1. The rabbit logo: My last name is Conejos, meaning "Rabbits" in Spanish. Yes, we have a big family. I have the family tree to prove it.

2. I'm a history buff. So much so that I won 2018 "Best of Show" for my display on the U.S. Army's Coast Artillery troops in the Philippines. Come. Challenge my WWII knowledge.

3. I'm Chicago born, Chicago raised, and a survivor of the Chicago Public School system (and that’s K-12. It isn't that bad).

4. I battled the blizzards of Minnesota (home for 5 years) and have a love/hate relationship with San Francisco (lived there for 2.5 years). I'll tell you the stories sometime.

5. My mom's Filipino noodle dish ("pancit" in our language) is extremely popular in the office when I bring it in.